Welcome to your club!

You have joined a special club, where we put your kids well being first and winning second. That’s not to say we don’t like winning, and have enjoyed a lot of success in the past at all levels! We do pride ourselves on our family orientated ethos and enthuse our coaches to display the values we’ve set out.

As a result of our values, we expect all adults associated witht he club to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the FA’s Respect Campaign and take any complaints of misbehaviour very seriously. Please read the Code of conduct below very carefully so you are aware of what we expect.

We wish you a very long and successful term with us!

Who looks out for your kids?

These are the club’s 3 Child Welfare Officers.

Barry Mann

Janet Gibson

Tony Whaling

What we expect of you

Children develop in different ways and at different ages they also react differently in certain situations. All the managers and coaches at Redhouse Farm Football Club are attempting to give everyone of the
players a worthwhile experience and help them enjoy and appreciate the game of football. We also want to help them to become team members and understand the importance of teamwork but also develop their individual skills.

Parents and supporters have a major part to play in the development of
young players by showing a positive sporting attitude at all times.
During training sessions and games always remember Young players are not playing to satisfy your own ambitions. Young players are involved for their enjoyment, not yours.

Let the coaches’ coach. You have entrusted the care of your child to the coaches and they need to be free to do their job. If a player has too many coaches, it is confusing, especially at the younger age
groups, and their performance could decline.

You have a responsibility to encourage young players to play by the rules of the game:

  • Applaud good play by both teams.
  • Teamwork and giving 100% are more important than winning. Accept losing as much as you accept winning and turn negative situations into positive, e.g. “hard luck, but next time”.
  • Never ridicule or shout at players whether they are your child or his/her team mate or even the opposition.
  • Never publicly question the match officials, never doubt their honesty.
  • Never publicly ridicule the coaches and remember to recognise the importance of all coaches who give their time to help develop your child.
Manager Contact Emails

U7 Eagles – Tim McHanwell – tim.mchanwell@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U7 Kites – Jon Mcmanus – jon.mcmanus@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U8 Eagles – Robert Robinson – robert.robinson@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U8 Kites – Hayley Robinson – hayley.robinson@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U9 Eagles – Alex Thiele – alex.thiele@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U9 Kites – Ben Gibson – ben.gibson@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U9 Falcons – Mark Shields – mark.shields@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U9 Kestrels – Nicky Marshall – nicky.marshall@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U10 Eagles – Warren Young – warren.young@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U10 Kites – Matty Mann – matty.mann@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U10 Falcons – Mark Suttle – mark.suttle@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U10 Kestrels – Keith Kellacher – keith.kellacher@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U10 Hawks – Mark Bell – mark.bell@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U10 Magpies – Kev Bills – kev.bills@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U11 Eagles – Simon Coulson – simon.coulson@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U11 Kites – Jack Gardiner – jack.gardiner@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U11 Falcons – Mark Aston – mark.aston@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U11 Girls – Chris Mann – chris.mann@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U11 Kestrels – Mark Jones – mark.jones@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U12 Eagles – Steve Fay – steve.fay@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U12 Kites – Josh Watkins – josh.watkins@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U12 Falcons – Steve O’Hagan – steve.o’hagan@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U12 Kestrels – Paul Duffy – paul.duffy@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U12 Hawks – Jamal Mohamad – jamal.mohamad@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U13 Eagles – Mark Gardiner – mark.gardiner@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U13 Kites – James Richardson – james.richardson@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U13 Falcons – Mark Gardiner – mark.gardiner@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U13 Girls – Chris Mann – chris.mann@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U14 Eagles – Shayan Gazerani – shayan.gazerani@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U14 Kites – Paul Ramsay – paul.ramsay@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U16 Eagles – Richard Smith – richard.smith@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U16 Kites – Richard Lowry – richard.lowry@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U17 Kites – Alan Davis – alan.davis@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk
U18 – Gary Cree – gary.cree@redhousefarmjfc.co.uk