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Team Match Date Kick-off Time Home or Away Match Type vs Venue Managers Notes
U10 Eagles 14/01/2018 10:00 am Home League prudhoe red house farm  
U11 Eagles 14/01/2018 11:30 am Away League Gosforth feynord Benton university  
U12 Eagles 14/01/2018 10:30 am Home Cup Eastend Reds Redhouse  
U12 Falcons 13/01/2018 09:30 am Away League Hazelrigg Big Waters.  
U12 Kestrels 13/01/2018 10:00 am Away League Throckley Magpies JFC Newborn Leisure Centre

Meet for 9-30, can the lads wear the blue and white kit cheers

U12 Kites 14/01/2018 10:30 am Away Cup Whitley Bay Whites Monkseaton Middle School

Meet for 10, can the players wear the yellow kit

U13 Eagles 14/01/2018 01:00 pm Away League North Shield Athletic NE29 9PX

We play in home kit

U13 Kites 14/01/2018 11:00 am Home League Newbiggin Hall RHF  
U14 Eagles 13/01/2018 10:00 am Home League Hexham Druid Park  
U15 Eagles 14/01/2018 10:00 am Away Cup Wallsend BC Kirkley Park

9.15am meet,
Blue and white kits.

U15 Eagles 21/01/2018 11:00 am Home League Whitley Bay SC Red House Farm

10.15 meet.
Yellow tops.
Help required with setting up goals.

U15 Eagles 28/01/2018 12:00 pm Away League Monkseaton Monkseaton High School

Kick off time tbc.
Parents will be messaged with details.

U15 Kites 14/01/2018 11:00 am Away League West Denton WEST DENTON  
U16 Kites 14/01/2018 10:00 am Home League Willington Quay and howdan RHF

Meet at 9.15am to put goals up.

U16 Kites 21/01/2018 01:00 pm Away League Redheugh .

Meet at 12.30pm. Blue and white football tops.

U17 14/01/2018 10:00 am Home League Newcastle east end u16s Rhf  
U18 14/01/2018 01:00 pm Home League Cullercoats Home  
U8 Kestrels 13/01/2018 09:30 am Away League Red House Farm Falcons Picth 13, KYPC, NE12 6SE

Wear the Yellow Strip

U9 Eagles 21/01/2018 11:00 am Home League Waldridge Park Red House Farm

Meet at clubhouse for 10:30, Blue and White Strips.

U9 Hawks 14/01/2018 12:00 pm Away Cup Ashington Josephine Butler Campus Academy Road, Ashington NE63 9FZ.  
U9 Kites 21/01/2018 10:00 am Home Cup Cramlington Town Blues Red House Farm

Meet at Clubhouse for 09:30.