Registration Form

Please select the correct option below when registering your child. The Manager option requires approval and is only for Managers and Trustees who have children playing for the club.

If your child plays for an U7 or U17 team, there are individual options for those. All other players will be in the main U8 – 16 category.


For your first child (or if you only have 1 child), select the First Child membership option and fill in the form. If you have additional children to register, when you get to the bottom of the form, use the “Submit and add additional people” option to add more children. Doing this will link their memberships together so you can manage them on a single login.

Also Important!

The payment will show on your bank account as “Loveadmin”. Please do not cancel the payments as not recognised!

And finally!

If you are paying by instalments, please DO NOT remove the Pre-authorisation on the Payments page as we will be unable to take additional monthly instalments and will ask you to pay the outstanding balance in full!