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 Team Home or Away Match Type Match Date Kick-off Time vs Venue Managers Notes
U10 KitesHomeFriendly18/01/202010:00 AMRHFRHF mini soccer pitch
U17HomeLeague19/01/202011:00 AMWhitley Bay WhitesRHF

10.15am meet, blue and white kits, help with setting up pitch needed.

U12 EaglesAwayLeague19/01/202010:30 AMLumley JuniorsLumley

Yellow kit

U15 KitesHomeLeague19/01/202010:30 AMWest endRHF
U13 KitesHomeLeague19/01/202010:00 AMWhitley BayRed House Farm

9:15 Help with Setup
9:30 Warm Up

U17AwayLeague26/01/202012:00 AMNorth ShieldsNorth Shields

Kick off time, location and kit colour tbc

U19HomeLeague26/01/202001:30 PMSeason delavalRhf
U13 KestrelsHomeLeague01/02/202011:15 AMHeddonRedhouse Farm

10:45 Warm Up

U17AwayLeague02/02/202012:00 PMEllingtonEllington

Kick off time, location and kit colour tbc

U15 KitesHomeLeague02/02/202010:30 AMEast endRHF
U19HomeLeague02/02/202001:30 PMNorthshieldsRhf
U15 KitesHomeLeague09/02/202010:30 AMSwalwellRHF
U15 KitesHomeLeague16/02/202012:00 PMWest endRHF
U13 KestrelsHomeLeague22/02/202010:00 AMNewcastle East EndRHF

9:30 Warm Up

U13 KitesHomeLeague23/02/202010:00 AMEllington JnrsRHF

9:30 Warm Up

U19HomeLeague23/02/202001:30 PMAshingtonRhf

U15s pitch

U17No game01/03/2020
U19HomeLeague01/03/202001:30 PMWideopenRhf

(U15s pitch)

U13 KestrelsHomeLeague07/03/202011:00 AMNorth East SportingRhf

10:15 Setup

U17HomeLeague08/03/202011:00 AMBlyth DeportivoRHF

Blue kits, 10.15am meet, help with goals needed.

U17HomeLeague15/03/202011:00 AMWhitley BayRHF

10.15am meet.
Blue kits.
Help with goals needed.

U17HomeLeague22/03/202011:00 AMEllingtonRHF

10.15am meet.
Help with goals needed.
Blue kits.

U17No game29/03/2020
U17AwayLeague05/04/202011:00 AMWhitley BayTBC

Meet time and venue TBC

U15 KitesHomeLeague10/09/202006:15 AMPontelandRedhouse

Home kit please

 Team Home or Away Match Type Match Date Kick-off Time vs Venue Managers Notes