Red House Farm COVID19 Announcement

We hope that everyone, and their families, who are reading this message are well during this incredibly tough time.

The trustees of the club met remotely on Sunday to discuss a number of things that have an impact on our members and their families since the Football Association decided to end the Grassroots football season with immediate effect.

The 3 main topics of the meeting were annual subscriptions, the end of season presentation day and open trials for the 20/21 season.

The trustees have agreed to change this season’s annual subscription fees as follows.

First child. From £165 down to £110 (£150 down to £100 for those who took up early payment offer).

Additional child/team. From £105 down to £70 (£90 down to £60 for those who took up early payment offer).

For anyone who has paid more subs than the figures stated above, please follow the link below if you would like a refund from the club.

For anyone who has not yet paid the amounts stated above, we would appreciate it if you could make arrangements with Margaret Smith, treasurer, to do so.

For anyone who has arranged a bespoke payment plan with the club, please continue this until the agreed amount has been reached. If your circumstances have changed due to the current situation then please contact Margaret Smith who will be happy to adjust this to suit the individual.

As a charity we rely on the yearly subscriptions of our members to cover the costs that we incur throughout the whole year. These costs include league and cup fees, insurances, facilities hire and football equipment as well as the usual overheads of the running of our clubhouse which comes to approximately £35000 per season. Most of these costs have already been paid, or are still due so although it’s only fair to reduce the subs in line with the amount we feel is a fair reflection of the value you have got from this season, we will also gratefully accept any additional payment as a donation should you be in a position to do so.

It is with huge regret that we have to cancel this year’s end of season presentation day which was due to take place on Saturday 6th June. As it would’ve been the club’s 30th presentation this is extremely disappointing for everyone but we feel that even if the current situation were to change it would still be irresponsible of us to ask hundreds of people to get together in one place.

Although the presentation day is cancelled the club would still like to thank every player for their fantastic efforts this season so we are going to make sure that every child receives a club trophy when it is safe to do so.

Like previous seasons, we always have a few special players who have achieved their 10 years of unbroken service with the club. This year’s recipients will be formally invited to attend our 2021 presentation to receive their award and the applause that they deserve.

Our club open trials usually take place in June every year but because we don’t think it will be safe to hold these at that time they will be suspended until we have a clearer idea as to when we can resume playing. Our coaches will release information on this as and when we get it.

Finally, we’d like to thank you all for your support throughout the season. We can’t wait to get back to allowing young people to play football again and when we do it will be fantastic!

Please stay safe.

The Trustees
Red House Farm FC



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